In Action(HDOJ 3339)

Since 1945, when the first nuclear bomb was exploded by the Manhattan Project team in the US, the number of nuclear weapons have soared across the globe.
Nowadays,the crazy boy in FZU named AekdyCoin possesses some nuclear weapons and wanna destroy our world. Fortunately, our mysterious spy-net has gotten his plan. Now, we need to stop it.
But the arduous task is obviously not easy. First of all, we know that the operating system of the nuclear weapon consists of some connected electric stations, which forms a huge and complex electric network. Every electric station has its power value. To start the nuclear weapon, it must cost half of the electric network's power. So first of all, we need to make more than half of the power diasbled. Our tanks are ready for our action in the base(ID is 0), and we must drive them on the road. As for a electric station, we control them if and only if our tanks stop there. 1 unit distance costs 1 unit oil. And we have enough tanks to use.
Now our commander wants to know the minimal oil cost in this action.


Einbahnstrasse(HDOJ 2923)

Einbahnstrae (German for a one-way street) is a street on which vehicles should only move in one direction. One reason for having one-way streets is to facilitate a smoother flow of traffic through crowded areas. This is useful in city centers, especially old cities like Cairo and Damascus. Careful planning guarantees that you can get to any location starting from any point. Nevertheless, drivers must carefully plan their route in order to avoid prolonging their trip due to one-way streets. Experienced drivers know that there are multiple paths to travel between any two locations. Not only that, there might be multiple roads between the same two locations. Knowing the shortest way between any two locations is a must! This is even more important when driving vehicles that are hard to maneuver (garbage trucks, towing trucks, etc.)

You just started a new job at a car-towing company. The company has a number of towing trucks parked at the company's garage. A tow-truck lifts the front or back wheels of a broken car in order to pull it straight back to the company's garage. You receive calls from various parts of the city about broken cars that need to be towed. The cars have to be towed in the same order as you receive the calls. Your job is to advise the tow-truck drivers regarding the shortest way in order to collect all broken cars back in to the company's garage. At the end of the day, you have to report to the management the total distance traveled by the trucks.


Here We Go(relians) Again(HDOJ 2722)

The Gorelians are a warlike race that travel the universe conquering new worlds as a form of recreation. Given their violent, fun-loving nature, keeping their leaders alive is of serious concern. Part of the Gorelian security plan involves changing the traffic patterns of their cities on a daily basis, and routing all Gorelian Government Officials to the Government Building by the fastest possible route.

Fortunately for the Gorelian Minister of Traffic (that would be you), all Gorelian cities are laid out as a rectangular grid of blocks, where each block is a square measuring 2520 rels per side (a rel is the Gorelian Official Unit of Distance). The speed limit between two adjacent intersections is always constant, and may range from 1 to 9 rels per blip (a blip, of course, being the Gorelian Official Unit of Time). Since Gorelians have outlawed decimal numbers as unholy (hey, if you're the dominant force in the known universe, you can outlaw whatever you want), speed limits are always integer values. This explains why Gorelian blocks are precisely 2520 rels in length: 2520 is the least common multiple of the integers 1 through 9. Thus, the time required to travel between two adjacent intersections is always an integer number of blips.


Choose the best route(HDOJ 2680)

One day , Kiki wants to visit one of her friends. As she is liable to carsickness , she wants to arrive at her friend’s home as soon as possible . Now give you a map of the city’s traffic route, and the stations which are near Kiki’s home so that she can take. You may suppose Kiki can change the bus at any station. Please find out the least time Kiki needs to spend. To make it easy, if the city have n bus stations ,the stations will been expressed as an integer 1,2,3…n.


HDU Today(HDOJ 2112)

徐总经常会问蹩脚的英文问路:“Can you help me?”。看着他那迷茫而又无助的眼神,热心的你能帮帮他吗?


一个人的旅行(HDOJ 2066)

虽然草儿是个路痴(就是在杭电待了一年多,居然还会在校园里迷路的人,汗~),但是草儿仍然很喜欢旅行,因为在旅途中 会遇见很多人(白马王子,^0^),很多事,还能丰富自己的阅历,还可以看美丽的风景……草儿想去很多地方,她想要去东京铁塔看夜景,去威尼斯看电影,去阳明山上看海芋,去纽约纯粹看雪景,去巴黎喝咖啡写信,去北京探望孟姜女……眼看寒假就快到了,这么一大段时间,可不能浪费啊,一定要给自己好好的放个假,可是也不能荒废了训练啊,所以草儿决定在要在最短的时间去一个自己想去的地方!因为草儿的家在一个小镇上,没有火车经过,所以她只能去邻近的城市坐火车(好可怜啊~)。


畅通工程续(HDOJ 1874)




六度分离(HDOJ 1869)

1967年,美国著名的社会学家斯坦利·米尔格兰姆提出了一个名为“小世界现象(small world phenomenon)”的著名假说,大意是说,任何2个素不相识的人中间最多只隔着6个人,即只用6个人就可以将他们联系在一起,因此他的理论也被称为“六度分离”理论(six degrees of separation)。虽然米尔格兰姆的理论屡屡应验,一直也有很多社会学家对其兴趣浓厚,但是在30多年的时间里,它从来就没有得到过严谨的证明,只是一种带有传奇色彩的假说而已。


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